If you thought WEC 47’s ratings were disappointing, wait till you see the estimates for UFC 110’s pay-per-view buy rate. From Dave Meltzer via Fight Opinion:

I don’t have a number of buys, but based on trending data which has historically been pretty accurate, it could be in the 215,000 to 240,000 range, basically along the lines of the tape-delayed foreign shows. This was foreign, but wasn’t tape delayed. One cable industry source gave an estimate of 215,000.

Ouch, not a good day at Zuffa headquarters.

I’m actually quite surprised by the low number. It didn’t have any established UFC superstars on the card unless you want to throw Michael Bisping in that category, but it did have Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Cain Velasquez and hardcore fan favorite Wanderlei Silva in the headlining slots. Not a recipe for big numbers, but I figured it would have hit somewhere in the 350,000-400,000 range, not question the floor for a UFC pay-per-view which previously stood somewhere around 300,000 buys. Apparently these guys aren’t as popular as we like to think amongst the casuals, or maybe the fact that UFC 110 took place only two short weeks after UFC 109 dissuaded people from buying it. I don’t know, but the UFC has to be looking forward to their big UFC 111 card with GSP and Frank Mir to help regain some of the momentum they lost over the past few months.

Image via Sherdog