“I have to tell you something; a lot of people underestimate Dan Hardy, and it’s a big mistake. It’s a big mistake that I’m not going to do. Dan Hardy is the most dangerous guy that I’ve fought so far…If you look at all my big fights, all the fights that I had a lot of pressure (with) B.J. Penn when I did the ‘Primetime’ (show), my revenge against Serra, Matt Hughes when I had the rematch,” he said. “(With) all those great fights, I performed better when I’m under pressure…When I’m under pressure, I’m more nervous. I’m more awake, and my reaction time is better, so that’s a good thing for me…[Hardy] is a thinking fighter. He’s very technical in the way that he fights. He’s a great counter-puncher…My life will end March 27, and it’s a chance for me also to redeem myself where I felt [like I was] in the same situation. I never (have) been so pumped up in my life for a fight.”

—Georges St. Pierre reassuring the media he is not underestimating Dan Hardy

When we try to analyze this fight and how Dan Hardy can win, it’s easy to look back at the Matt Serra upset. Dan Hardy hits hard and if he catches GSP off guard like Serra did he can definitely pull off the upset. That said, it’s pretty difficult to surprise someone more than once. GSP is well aware of how Hardy can hurt him and I don’t see him putting himself in situations that play to Hardy’s strengths. I don’t necessarily agree that Hardy is the most dangerous guy that GSP has ever fought, but the mere fact that GSP has convinced himself he is means Hardy is going to have to beat St. Pierre at his absolute best on March 27. Anything’s possible, but I damn sure wouldn’t bet on it.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com