Following the myriad of conflicting reports and quotes this past weekend, we were all left wondering what was going on with Tito Ortiz and if he was still fighting Chuck Liddell at UFC 115. Tito and girlfriend Jenna Jameson revealed Tito was in the hospital, but why? One rumor suggested Tito had suffered a major shoulder injury and was replaced by Rich Franklin on TUF 11, who would go on to fight Liddell at UFC 115 instead of Tito.

Well, according to Tito and Chuck themselves, none of that is true, except for the hospital part. Tito did spend some quality time in the hospital, but not because of an injury. He says he was battling a bad case of the flu, and even thought he had the swine flu at one point, but everything is good now and he’s back home. As for the Liddell fight, Tito says “it’s ON!!!!” while Chuck confirmed as much on his twitter feed, though not quite as enthusiastically as Tito. Who says you can’t express your personality in 140 characters or less?

So basically, we have a bunch of reports and rumors saying Liddell may be fighting Rich Franklin, while Tito, Chuck and Dana White all say nothing has changed. I’d venture to say mystery solved.

Update: This is getting ridiculous. Five Oz. is now reporting that Tito has a neck injury, which falls in line with his excuses for his poor performance at UFC 106, and he’s off the show and out of the fight.

Sources close to the situation have recently indicated to that multiple herniations in the neck of Ortiz prompted his removal from both the taping of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11, and his anticipated clash with fellow coach Liddell at the conclusion of the most recent season.

I don’t know, there sure is a lot of smoke for there not to be a fire, but if you can’t trust the big three involved in this drama telling us the fight is on, who can you trust? I’m just gonna assume the fight is on until something more solid than word from unnamed sources come in. I wouldn’t rule out it being anything more than leaked misinformation to drum up interest for TUF 11.

Update 2: Tito Ortiz has reaffirmed to Josh Gross that he is fine and still fighting Chuck Liddell. His trainer is currently finalizing plans for Tito’s training camp.