It looks like Strikeforce “Nashville” is going to get a fourth fight after all, and Bobby Lashley is going to be a part of it. The question is, who’s his opponent?

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told Nick Solomon, reporting for and, on Wednesday that the promotion had already submitted an opponent for Lashley and was awaiting approval from the Tennessee Athletic Commission. He declined to name the opponent.

If the match-up is approved, Coker told Solomon that the bout would likely be the fourth bout on the CBS televised portion of the event.

Well, we know it probably won’t be any of Strikeforce’s high-profile heavyweights. Alistair Overeem, Brett Rogers, Andrei Arlovski and Antonio Silva are all slated to fight in May. It’s obviously not going to be Fedor, and Fabricio Werdum is still on deck for him as far as we know. I don’t know who it will be, but hopefully it’s someone who will push him harder than Wes Sims did. Good move getting Lashley some network television exposure though.