GSP & Dan Hardy at UFC 111 Pre-Fight Press Conference

A few notes from the UFC 111 pre-fight press conference.

— Dana White promises the UFC will return to Dublin, Ireland for a show sometime this year

— The UFC is bringing big fights to Madison Square Garden once NY legalizes MMA, which Dana says should happen very soon.

“Its in the [New York State] budget, so as long as it stays in there [when it goes to the Department of State] then it should happen very soon. Madison Square Garden, that’s where we are going. To go to a historical place like MSG and have a big fight is what we really want to do. We want to bring big fights back to Madison Square Garden.”

Dana still has no idea what to do with James Toney. Meanwhile, with his newly inked UFC contract, James Toney is back to calling out boxers.

Puerto Rico and Orlando are two future destinations for the UFC, no UFC senior division, plus a bunch of other stuff we’ve heard a hundred times before.

— Frank Mir has nothing personal against Shane Carwin, but he expects to win in a “vicious way” Saturday night.

“With Carwin, it’s purely competitive,” said Mir. “I actually have no issues with him on a personal level. He’s a family man. He’s a father, newly. Actually, everything he stands for I agree with. I like how he represents the sport.”

“When you close the cage door, it doesn’t matter who’s in there with me,” he said. “I want to come through victorious in a vicious way.”

“I feel very confident with my striking and jiu-jitsu, but obviously I’ve had a little bit of an issue with the wrestling-type of opponent,” said Mir. “I think Carwin’s a really good wrestler and I look forward to proving how I’ve developed more as a mixed martial artist.”

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