Here’s a few video highlights via Cagewriter from yesterday’s UFC 111 pre-fight press conference at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, including the question and cold-stare-non-answer exchange between Steve Cofield and Dana White.

It seemed like the perfect platform to explain why he was so upset with Frank Mir’s “first death in the Octagon” comments. Dana White had a big audience at Radio City Music Hall and good representation from the New York/New Jersey media.

Those comments taken out of context or too literally could hurt MMA’s chances to get legalized in states like New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. White hinted at the comments when he was talking about how heated things are between Mir and Lesnar saying, “Nobody likes each other. There’s been a lot of wild and crazy talk going back and forth, sometimes a little too crazy.”

So we’d figured let’s tee it up for White, he’d probably come up with a good answer about why he thought the “death” comments could be damaging. Instead we found out just how steamed White was about the initial comments (1:25 mark – cleaner version at White gave us an icy glare and then emboldened by the booing crowd of a 1,000-plus at Radio City, smirked and said, “next question.”

MMA Fighting has an interview with Dana White following the press conference at the bottom. Main takeaway is that Dana promises to surround James Toney with other big names when he fights so you don’t feel like you got ripped off if Toney disappoints.