Good news, Thiago Alves’ brain irregularity is not career-threatening. Doctors are still working to determine exactly what is wrong with him, but they’ve ruled out an aneurysm which could have ended his career.

The popular American Top Team welterweight contender underwent a battery of tests at the Hyman-Neuman Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery in New York City on Friday, and, although the results were not conclusive, Alves and his camp came away from the visit with renewed optimism that he will be able to return to the cage before summer.

ATT head trainer Ricardo Liborio told that Alves is planning to have an angiogram either Tuesday or Wednesday to help determine the exact nature of the malformation on the left side of his brain.

According to Liborio, well-regarded neurologist Dr. Alejandro Berenstein has ruled out an aneurism after looking at MRI and MRA scans but could not determine the origin of the problem without getting a closer look — something he will do with the angiogram next week.

“Dr. Berenstein could not determine if this was a congenital problem or something that was caused by trauma, but he has assured us that it is not a career-threatening issue,” Liborio said. “There is always a risk when you do a procedure like this, but we are hopeful that Thiago will be back training to fight within three weeks.”

While most people would be worried about what’s wrong with their brain, all Alves cares about is getting this resolved as soon as possible so he can get back in the Octagon.

“The good thing is I’m in great shape already,” Alves told ( “Hopefully by UFC 114 I’ll be back in Vegas, baby!

“I just want to fight and get cleared by the commission as fast as possible. I want to let it out. I have this thing inside of me since July. We’ll get there.”

“It’s the second time the fight was supposed to happen and it didn’t,” Alves said. “I just have this bloody taste in my mouth and I have to get it out. I guess it just wasn’t the right time.”

Bullet dodged.

Image via Sherdog