Whoa, so Thiago Alves wasn’t the only UFC 111 participant who had a few issues with his pre-fight medicals. Shane Carwin revealed on his blog earlier today that doctors found something abnormal in his brain too which explains why he was absent for the big pre-fight press conference at Radio City Music Hall.

The week leading into this fight was hectic. I was unable to get cleared based on the medical records I submitted so I spend a good part of one of the media days in Dr’s offices. I was able to pass the MRI/MRA that was initially in question but the doctors located a new problem. Apparently there was concern that one of the vessels in my brain looked as if it was connected on one end but not the other, the Dr. told me it could be that or could be a vessel that was widening or ballooning but they could not really tell and needed a better test. It sounded serious and I wanted to fight so I agreed to the test, which involved CT Angiography (CTA). They had to set up an IV and inject a contrast material in me (containing iodine) and named off some possible side effects, this was all fine, but not when you are less then a couple of days out from a fight. They dye made me pretty sick for about the next 24 hours. I was thankful they were being so thorough but it could not have come at a worse time.

Yes, in the end I was cleared and we fit what is usually a week of prep time into a few short days. My Head Coach Trevor Wittman, Coach Leister Bowling, and Professor Amal Easton were amazing at keeping me cool and focused. Yes, I had just over 10 pounds to loose and I was feeling out of my element. I usually have my wife with me at fights and she was unable to attend this time because of the baby, she is usually my calming voice.

Well, whatever it was, it damn sure didn’t affect his ability to beat Frank Mir’s skull in with his fists Saturday night. Actually, Mir might want to get his head checked out after all the unanswered bombs he took. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts slurring his words like James Toney from here on out.

Hilarious gif via FightLinker