Just the other day I was reading over at MiddleEasy how War Machine was finally working on getting his shit together. War said he finally has a few things in his life to live for and he doesn’t want to screw it up. So not even 48 hours later, what does War do? He screws it up.

TMZ has learned Machine — which is the fighter’s legal name — was arrested outside a bar called Thruster’s Lounge around 11 pm.

Law enforcement sources tell us Machine and another male were fighting with bouncers — and when cops tried to approach the situation, War Machine took off running.

Eventually, cops caught up with the 28-year-old, threw him in handcuffs, and for some reason, put a spit bag over his head … which is generally applied when the perp gets a little too aggressive with his oral fluids.

Machine was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon — though it’s unclear what the weapon is. He’s currently being held in a SD jail.

I lost track of how many times War Machine’s been arrested awhile ago, so I couldn’t tell you what number this is. All I know is he may want to get his life back on track, but clearly he’s still headed in the wrong direction.