Now that Alistair Overeem is signed to fight Brett Rogers, he’s finally gotten around to responding to all the smack Rogers was talking about him. He’s not really sure how Rogers can call him a coward considering he’s been busy fighting the world’s best kickboxers in K-1.

Sometimes it is ok to hype up a fight and to bring more attention, but I guess that somebody calling me a coward like Brett did is just funny. He makes himself stupid or maybe does not know fighters like Bonjasky, Aerts and Badr Hari. If Brett is such a good striker and fearless why he is not fighting in K-1?…I love challenging myself fighting in K-1 and MMA, and yes, after Rogers I want to fight Fedor. I already got a third place at the K-1 GP finals, something I do not see Rogers or Fedor even try!”

Overeem kinda has a point there, but Brett’s trash talk was always more about getting a fight with Alistair than genuinely trying to insult him, and it worked so you can’t really fault Brett. He’s a go-getter and not only did manage to get a fight against the world’s best heavyweight, he managed to get a title shot after losing that fight. In other words, he must be doing something right.

While we’re on the topic of Brett Rogers’ questionable title shot, you’re probably wondering how Strikeforce is attempting to justify it. Here’s Scott Coker with your answer.

“Brett Rogers is a guy that lasted one and a half rounds with Fedor (Emelianenko), where a lot of others have been getting annihilated in the first minute,” said Coker. “We feel Brett’s qualified and we’re happy to put the fight together.”

Coker also seemed unfazed by the criticism that has already come the promotion’s way for allowing a fighter to vie for one of its titles coming off of a defeat.

“Let’s watch the fight and see,” said Coker.

Yeah, Coker is probably better off just avoiding that question altogether from now on.