It’s nearly been a year since Shogun Rua took out Chuck Liddell at UFC 97 which prompted Dana White to publicly retire Chuck immediately following the fight. It was an odd situation since legally Dana couldn’t actually force Chuck to stop fighting. To make matters worse, Chuck wasn’t talking. All we heard was he was going to take some time off and think about it. Well fast forward to today, roughly two months out from his next fight, and Chuck says he never even thought about retiring.

“I never considered retiring,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t done. I wanted to take some time to figure things out, and also have some time off from getting hit in the head, have some time to relax and let some old wounds heal. And I’m back.”

Not only does Chuck think he’s back, he intends to make one more run at the UFC light heavyweight title.

“I want to make another run at the title,” said Liddell. “I’m guessing it will take another couple fights, I’m going to have to beat Tito, and beat a couple more guys, and then hopefully a title shot after that.”

“One more shot at going out on top,” Liddell said. “I can still beat anybody in the world. I’m going to try for one more shot at it.”

Chuck wouldn’t mind getting a shot at showing James Toney the finer points of mixed martial arts either, but if it doesn’t happen, he just hopes they put Toney in with someone good, specifically a wrestler like Cain Velasquez because “that’d be hysterical.”

Check out Chuck Liddell on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show and his interview with Time Magazine below.