So I figured all the smack Brett Rogers had talked about Alistair Overeem was just to get a fight with him. But it turns out Brett really doesn’t like Alistair at all, apparently because Alistair rubbed Brett the wrong way with his ego when they met in an elevator a year and a half ago.

I am an emotional fighter and I like to fight people that I don’t like and I don’t Alistair because of his cocky attitude and the fact that he thinks he is the shit. I don’t know if he remembers but I met him about a year and a half ago and it is not something that I have forgotten. I bumped into him on the elevator and I was talking to my manager and he asked me if I knew who that was and I said no. After that Alistair looked over his shoulder at me and was like what bitch, you don’t know who the fuck I am? So my manager told me it was Alistair Overeem and I was like ok. So that whole little situation rubbed me the wrong way and you know what happens (Andrei Arlovski) when you rub me the wrong way. He was talking all kinds of shit about me and so I got in the cage and whooped his ass. Think what you will, I don’t like Alistair and when we get in that cage, everyone is going to see the end result.

Don’t take it personally, Alistair. Brett didn’t really know who Fedor was before he fought him either. But since you did…

We have ourselves two monster heavyweights with what appears to be a legitimate beef to settle on May 15. Heavyweight title b.s. aside, this is going to be a fun one to watch. Overeem has been wrecking dudes in K-1 and DREAM and Rogers hits like a freight train. They’re going to meet in the center in the cage and start throwing bombs until someone gets knocked out. Maybe not at the same earth-shattering magnitude as Lesnar-Carwin, but they won’t be too far behind.

Image via All Elbows