Tom Atencio finally blew his lid last week and started pointing the finger at Josh Barnett for sinking Affliction’s third show. However, Barnett says nuh-uh, don’t blame me for your promotion going under. Take a look in the mirror, your numbers never added up.

Atencio told Inside MMA last week that “the bottom line is [that] Josh is to blame. How many times has he tested positive? Three times. This was his third time… I found out ten days before the event that he tested positive.

Confronted with Atencio’s comments on this week’s episode, Barnett laughed and said that the failed test was being used as an excuse to cover up failings on Affliction’s part. Barnett said bad money management is the real reason Affliction Entertainment went under.

“If they really want to find out why they didn’t run any more events, they should check into their accounting and everything else. They had a lot of counsel from people with experience – ‘wink wink’ – trying to help them set this thing up. Budgeting correctly, putting together proper contracts, proper connections – they didn’t listen, they spent way more then they earned,” Barnett said, apparently hinting that Affliction had been advised by unnamed but more established MMA industry operatives.

They’re both right actually. Bottom line is Josh Barnett was the gust of wind that blew over Tom Atencio’s house of cards.

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