Cutting it close...

In short, the UFC would be screwed. The UFC 112 venue is outdoors and there is no Plan B according to Dana White. But since it rarely rains in Abu Dhabi, Dana isn’t too worried about that, he’s more worried about the wind and sand.

“If it starts raining and the wind starts blowing … right now there’s no Plan B.”

“The high possibility of rain happening… it’s not gonna happen,” White said. “It’s not gonna rain there; we know it’s not gonna happen. It would have to be crazy for it to rain in Abu Dhabi.”

“Wind could be a factor. It’s very dusty and sandy there. I’m worried about the wind.”

As of now the weather forecast looks pretty good on The Weather Channel — partly cloudy, 71°, 0% precipitation, 6 mph wind. Plus, the arena was reportedly designed to minimize the wind as much as possible so Dana probably doesn’t have anything to worry about. Hopefully that’s the case, because it would sure would suck if fights had to be halted because fighters were breathing in sand or it blew in their eyes.

Concert Arena construction photo via Mike Swick