It turns out Jake Shields left out an important detail when he claimed he would be a free agent after he fights Dan Henderson next Saturday. According to Scott Coker, Strikeforce will still have a one-fight option with Jake to exercise if they wish.

“We have the ability to exercise one other fight, and we’re going to wait to see what happens with this fight…I can’t get into too many details with contracts, but I think that if we do want to exercise it we’ll exercise it relatively quickly, and there’s some other provisions in there that we’ll have a negotiation period with Jake. Jake has been a great fighter for Strikeforce. He’s been a great fighter for a long time. He lives in the Bay Area, so I’ve followed his career, and we’re going to be watching very closely Saturday.”

Shields added that he’s very happy fighting for Strikeforce and any reports of him heading to the UFC have been greatly exaggerated. He’s merely keeping his options open while he has the opportunity.

Conference call audio via Cagewriter