However angry, frustrated, bored, disappointed or [insert adjective] you were watching Anderson Silva fight clown his way to a unanimous decision today, you weren’t as upset as Dana White was.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the UFC put two title fights on an overseas card when they rarely put on one. This event wasn’t about the bottom line, it was about putting their best foot forward and making a great first impression in not only a new market but in front of their new partners, Flash Entertainment. That’s why Dana tells Ariel Helwani in the video interview above that today’s event was the lowest point in his career as UFC president.

He’s emotionally wiped now, but when the fight was unfolding before his eyes he was erupting in anger. He was so pissed in fact, he got up, walked the belt over to Ed Soares, dropped it at his feet and told him to put it on Anderson after the fight. Then he left. He couldn’t stand to watch Anderson piss off the crowd he worked so hard to impress any longer.

Press conference video via MMA Fighting

Later at the pre-fight press conference, he labeled the main event an “embarrassment.”

“Believe me, I’ll answer the questions of what a disgrace the main event was,” said White. “To end it the way that we did was an embarrassment for me, the UFC, the Fertittas and the UAE…I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in 10 years of being in this business. It’s the first time I’ve ever walked out of a main event.”

“If you’re that talented, be Mike Tyson. go in there and finish,” said White. “I’m so blown away and disgusted and saddened.”

Remember how excited Dana was about the prospect of GSP-Silva at 170 the other day? Yeah, not anymore.

I don’t want to see GSP vs. Silva after tonight. Silva might be the first champion fighting on a prelim. I don’t want to see that shit.

Press conference video via MMA Fighting

Silva apologized for his performance in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, or at least that’s how it was translated to us, however he was singing a different tune in the post-fight press conference. Not only was he was no longer apologetic for how he performed, he said Maia disrespected him.

“Unfortunately, not every fight turned out the way everyone would like,” Silva uttering almost identical words to his odd, action-less fights at UFC 90 and UFC 97. “Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but as a fighter.”

“I’m not too sure what [jiu-jitsu] school Demian came from,” said Silva. “I sent a message because he disrespected morally by the things that he said. “I’m a black belt, and would never say the things that he said.”

“I don’t feel like I owe anyone an apology right now,” said Silva. “Sometime’s fights turn out good, sometimes they turn out bad.”

“The way I feel, my mission was completed, I came in and dominated the fight, I did what I had to do, That’s how I feel.”

It wasn’t said at the press conference, but word is Demian Maia says Anderson was swearing at him during the fight and disrespected him.

Dana ended the press conference shortly thereafter because “he couldn’t stand to listen to that shit any more.”

Ariel Helwani confirmed Dana White did in fact meet with Anderson Silva after their interview above. It’s unknown what happened, or what the UFC will do with Anderson next. Dana promises he will make it up the fans.

Penn accepts defeat, congratulates Edgar

The Penn-Edgar fight was a close one. So close in fact, two of the three judges could have easily given Penn three rounds and thus the win. Whether that should have been the outcome is for us fans to debate, but the one person who isn’t challenging the judges’ decision is BJ Penn. Unless he has a sudden change of heart, there won’t be any Greasegate-esque protest this time. He’s graciously accepted defeat and already posted a video congratulating Frankie Edgar on

From what I can tell, Dana didn’t comment too much on this fight in the post-fight press conference, but did say it’s one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. He’s not sure who’s next for Edgar, but it could be Gray Maynard. He also didn’t agree with the 50-45 score.

Here’s the new champ talking to Ariel Helwani after the fight.

The full UFC 112 post-fight press conference is now streaming on