THQ has released a new video explaining the fighting techniques in the game. This is the short version. You can check out the extended cut on the Undisputed community website.

THQ also confirmed a few additional details in a Community Q&A.

  • Both Freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling will exist in Undisputed 2010
  • The Buffer 360 won’t be in the game, but the Buffer 180 will
  • Fighter stats and records will be updated as they progress in they’re real-life careers. Belts will also change hands in the game if they change hands in real-life.
  • The Crucifix submission from side control will be in the game.
  • Customizable taunts in create-a-fighter
  • Elbows from the full mount position
  • There is a stat cap for created fighters, no super created fighters

Zak Woods has some unfortunate, yet expected news for us. He confirmed with THQ that former Octagon girl Logan Stanton will not appear in the game. I’m assuming this means my all-time favorite Natasha Wicks is out too.