“I wasn’t surprised. It is par for the course…I don’t find it unsportsmanlike, because I don’t know why he’s doing it. He could well be doing one of those antics to try to get his opponent to engage. But I have a hard time blaming him for that…I [saw] those antics against Forrest (Griffin); Forrest got baited into it and got knocked out for his efforts, so I don’t blame [Silva] for doing that stuff, and I don’t consider it unsportsmanlike because I don’t know what’s in his heart. Meaning to be a jerk, well, that’s unsportsmanlike. When he doesn’t mean to be a jerk, it’s kind of hard to pin that on him…I’ll watch the fight, but Silva’s been in my crosshairs anyway, whether it’s beating him for the belt or to win the belt and go beat him up after that…He’s getting beaten up in 2010 by Chael Sonnen. That’s been the story from the jump…There’s people out there that need (to be) beaten up – he’s one of them. And I have a moral obligation to society to beat him up [Ed. note: LOL]…[Silva] is a dirtbag anyway, whether he went out there and shook hands and was gracious or he didn’t. Who cares? I don’t know why sportsmanship needs to be involved, anyways. It’s a fight – go do whatever you want…So, yes, I will do whatever I want. And when my music hits those speakers, I will make that walk and answer for my words.”

—Number one contender (?) Chael Sonnen, via MMA Junkie, sharing his thoughts on Anderson Silva upon learning about his UFC 112 performance

After everything he’s said about Anderson Silva, who would have ever thought Chael Sonnen would end up being the good guy if he ever fights Silva? Not me.

Of course, Sonnen’s title shot is anything but guaranteed at this point. Who knows what Dana White and Joe Silva will decide to do with Silva next. All I know is Anderson has had three lousy middleweight title defenses in a row and two spectacular performances at light heavyweight. I think there’s a good chance they throw him a fight at 205 in hopes of repairing some of the damage he did at UFC 112, much like he did against Forrest Griffin.

If not, maybe Dana reconsiders the GSP fight. Or even if they have Anderson defend his title next, maybe they’ll give it to the guy who was supposed to fight Anderson tonight — Vitor Belfort. While Sonnen certainly deserves it more, stylistically Silva-Belfort has a much better chance of delivering the goods than Silva-Sonnen. Right now I think Dana cares more about pleasing the fans with an exciting fight than worrying about who earned it more.