It appears the English-based MMA community and the Abu Dhabi crowd aren’t the only ones upset with Anderson Silva. Anderson’s fans in his home country of Brazil are pissed too.

Anderson Silva is facing a backlash from fans in his native Brazil after ringside microphones for the UFC 112 broadcast of his fight with Demian Maia apparently picked up Silva taunting his opponent in Portuguese, using terms which are considered very offensive in Brazil.

Portuguese-language MMA forums have been abuzz with discussion over the insults Silva levelled at Maia at points in the fight. The end of the second round is when he is said to have been most offensive, allegedly telling Maia “Bate na minha cara playboy” (“Come on, hit me in the face playboy.”)

(Update: Several Brazilian UFC fans have contacted Fighters Only to say that this comment actually came from Anderson’s corner team, who said to him “Bate na cara desse playboy” (“Come on, hit this playboy’s face”). Anderson’s corner are also alleged to have shouted “Falou demais, agora apanha” (“You talked too much, now get spanked”). Maia claims not to remember exactly what it was Anderson said to him in their fight).

While calling someone a playboy in America might be construed as a compliment, it’s apparently far from that in Brazil. It’s basically an insult levied by the lower class in Brazil against those who are considered “rich kids” who have no regard for the poor or idea what it’s like in the real world. It turns out Anderson didn’t actually say that, but it’s obvious he wasn’t showering Maia with compliments during the fight either. If you happen to understand what he said, feel free to share in the comments. According to one Brazilian fan, it was pretty bad.

“Wow, the guy went mad. American are usually super socially-conscious with this kind of discrimination, when they discover what he said, heads will fly. This guy has lost all notion of what you can do in a fight. This type of social/personal insult is the equivalent of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson saying “I’ll fuck until you love me, bitch!”

What Anderson actually said is beside the point though. Even his fans in Brazil know he screwed up and now the question is, what is he going to do to fix it? If he cares enough to do anything at all…

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting