UFC 112 may have produced the most “embarrassing” moment in Dana White’s 10-year career as UFC president, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for him to smile about.

Despite an early morning/early afternoon live broadcast (accompanied by a normal timeslot tape-delay), early estimates are pointing towards UFC 112 being the most successful overseas pay-per-view event in company history. From The Wrestling Observer via MMA For Real:

[T]rending patterns indicate a number in the range of 525,000 buys, far better than any overseas event has ever done. We know of systems in California where this show beat WrestleMania, which I’d have never expected, and it looks to have handily beat Mania in Canada, although that wasn’t as much of a surprise.

Overseas or not, it’s further proof that title fights sell pay-per-views. Well, at least ones that don’t involve a certain Brazilian “nobody cares about.” Hey, I heard it from Chael Sonnen.

Image via Esther Lin for Fanhouse