WEC 48 PosterThe WEC is about to make their foray onto pay-per-view, and it seems that Zuffa isn’t going to let it sink or swim on its own.

It became clear weeks ago the plan was to leverage the UFC brand as much as possible. Dana White and Joe Rogan, not Reed Harris, have been talking up the fights in the promos. They’re doing a UFC-style countdown special. They’re not really even presenting it as WEC 48 “Aldo vs Faber”, it’s “UFC presents Aldo vs. Faber.”

That covers most of the promotional aspect, but it turns out the show itself is going to feel an awful lot like the UFC too. WEC play-by-play announcer Todd Harris and color analyst Stephan Bonnar won’t be handling commentating duties. Instead, veteran voices of the Octagon Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan will. Spike TV is lending a helping hand too. They’ll be airing a live prelims special just like they do with the UFC pay-per-views which will feature Alex Karalexis vs. Anthony Pettis and Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung. Really, the only thing they’re missing at this point is the Octagon and Bruce Buffer, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Martinez ends up getting the night off.

Now I’m not trying to say they shouldn’t use the UFC’s promotional power and resources to their advantage, but if it’s going to walk like a duck and talk like a duck, then you know what, maybe it should be a duck. Just sayin’….

Update: Haha, that didn’t take long. Bruce Buffer has confirmed he will be the ring announcer for WEC 48. All that’s left is the Octagon.