This is suddenly fitting...

“I feel like I’m the better fighter. And I really feel like I’m the more well-rounded fighter with the wrestling, the jiu-jitsu, the standup as a whole, being the guy that’s been in longer fights, being the guy that’s better in the inbetweens of fighting … I’m facing a dangerous guy, but I think I’m the better fighter…Although he’s a black belt, I saw his fights three-four years ago, and his ground game really didn’t look too good to me. So he’s pretty new to the ground game. You can accomplish a lot in three years, but I’ve been doing the grappling thing for 16-17 years…It’s going to come down to, who’s going to have the heart, the mentality, the tenacity to win the fight. And I think I’m the guy.”

—Urijah Faber on MMA Fighting’s MMA Hour talking about his upcoming title fight against Jose Aldo at WEC 48

I think the important thing to note is Urijah Faber has a chance to upset Jose Aldo Saturday night. Aldo may have looked like a human buzzsaw in recent fights, but if we learned anything from the Machida-Shogun and Penn-Edgar fights, seemingly indestructible champions one day can be vulnerable the next. Aldo’s biggest weapon has been his blazing fast speed, but I think Faber is quick enough to stay out of trouble long enough to get it to the ground where he can test Aldo. If nothing else though, there’s no doubting Faber has the heart to make it a fight.

Image via Sherdog