Because it sure doesn’t sound like it.

Anderson Silva appeared on the Brazilian television program “Domingão do Faustão,” with Demian Maia no less, and judging by some of the answers he was giving, he still seems unapologetic for his performance at UFC 112.

“Yeah, we always have to review what we do, I am always learning. The thing about life is that we are always learning with our mistakes and with what we do right,” said Silva. “And I think I fought well, I executed my game and disrupted Demian’s game. I couldn’t fall into his game because he’s a BJJ specialist.”

Anderson on “disrespecting” Demian:

“No, not even close. I didn’t get to where I am, being a champion in four different promotions by disrespecting anyone. In the contrary, I think what got me here was humbleness.”

Anderson on Dana’s threat to cut him and what’s illegal in the cage.

“What you can’t do is hit your opponent’s genitals, hit the back of the head or stomp your opponent on the floor, the rest is valid as long as you win, and that’s what happened, I won. (Dana White) can say whatever he wants, he’s the owner.”

Unless his comments were lost in translation, Anderson isn’t acting like he got the message nor does he seem worried about being cut.

Transcription via Cagewriter

Update: More from Anderson Silva…if I’m understanding him correctly, he claims his actions were his way of letting his pent up anger out. From O Globo, translated via BE.

Q: But don’t you think you exaggerated with the provocations?

Silva: You dump, inside the octagon, all the tensions that have build up in the months prior to the fight. This is not an excuse, you let all that go inside the ring. The way that I found to do that is what’s causing all these controversies. I did things that I never saw me doing. That’s when people started saying: “This guy is crazy, he’s just fooling around!”. There, at that moment, it was me letting go of three or four months of accumulations.

Q: So Demian must have said something that really offended you…

Silva: I didn’t get to the top, I didn’t become a champion without being humble. But there was really a lot of talk. He said he respected me as a fighter, but as a person he questioned my attitude, my character. He said a spider had eight legs and he would rip one of them in the ring. Of course this is just hype to promote the fight. I even had fights where the talk was even worse, but on this particular one I really needed to let everything out.

Q: Did Anderson Silva lose control of the Spider? Does he regret what he did today?

Silva: I wouldn’t say I lost control. From the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t do it again. Better yet, I would do it differently. I tried to show people and, especially to Demian, that I’m not fooling around. I didn’t get there by chance. I am four times world champion. I have the capacity, conditions, I know who I am. There are a lot of people who talks about [the] fight [game] and don’t know what they say. I didn’t intend to disrespect Demian, I only imposed my game, my strategy and tried to make him frustrated. I respect all fighters.