It looks like we have a few updates on older news items…

It was said that UFC on Versus 2 would take place Oakland on Aug. 1 and UFC 117 would land in Salt Lake City the following weekend on Aug. 7. Well, the dates haven’t changed, but it appears the UFC has switched the locations around. Instead, Salt Lake City will get UFC on Versus 2 while Oakland or at least “northern California” will get UFC 117.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has contacted Utah’s state athletic commission and reserved Aug. 1 for a UFC on Versus event at Salt Lake City’s EnergySolutions Arena.

That’s the word from the Utah Athletic Commission’s Bill Colbert, who confirmed the plans with ( and Scott Sherman of The Salt Lake City Tribune. first reported last week that the UFC planned to host a show in Utah. However, the date we initially reported – Aug. 7 – instead will feature a traditional UFC pay-per-view event, UFC 117, in “northern California,” a source close to the organization said.

That “northern California” city may be Oakland; the show is expected to feature UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen. Although bout agreements have not been signed for the title fight, a source close to one of the competitors said the 19,500-seat Oracle Arena could host the PPV-televised fight.

You’re probably pretty bummed if you’re Salt Lake City right now, but look at this way, it might be a blessing in disguise with Anderson Silva on the UFC 117 card. You never know what you’re going to get with him.

In other UFC news, if Jake Shields signs with the UFC, he might have to take a top contender’s fight or at least sit on the bench for awhile before he gets a shot at Georges St. Pierre. Rumors swirled last month that the Koscheck-Daley winner would coach opposite GSP on TUF 12 after Dana White hinted he was working on something big with the Koscheck-Daley fight. No one from the UFC has said anything about it since, however Middle Easy says someone from Daley’s camp contacted them and confirmed the rumors.

If it pans out, that means we wouldn’t see GSP defend his title again until the end of the year and it wouldn’t be against Anderson Silva or Jake Shields. Instead, it would be against a guy GSP already dominated or a guy that mirrors the guy GSP just dominated. Yay!

Update: Dana White says he’s undecided on coaches.

UFC president Dana White told Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole that he’s still undecided on the coaches. When asked if Strikeforce middleweight champ Jake Shields is a possibility, White had a nervous laugh.

Word is Jake Shields will be a free agent in two months when his contract expires. I don’t know what exactly is in his contract, but Scott Coker did say there were “provisions.” That could mean an exclusive negotiating period, a right to match clause or who knows what else. Point being, it may be awhile before Shields signs his next deal. I wouldn’t get your hopes up about him coaching TUF 12 yet, if any of you are.