“I would like to offer my apologies to Alistair. Those comments were made in a private conversation that had nothing to do with journalism and were never meant for public consumption. I would never accuse Alistair of anything or call him any names. I respect him as a fighter and as a person…Alistair has fought on a couple of M-1 events in Russia. I know him personally. We’ve spent time together more than once at dinners and things like that. I would never disrespect him in such a public forum. I would like to express my regret and disappointment that this statement was made public, and I never should have made them…I have never officially said that I accuse Overeem of being on performance enhancing drugs. There’s no way I could know that. So the constant discussion in the media by Bas Boon that I accused Overeem of being on steroids and that Fedor and I are afraid to fight him is ridiculous. There’s nothing about Overeem that concerns us more than any other fighter. It’s nothing positive or negative about him; it’s just another fight…Is he ready to fight Fedor? I would just like to have a look at the fight between Alistair and Brett Rogers, which is coming soon. That will show us a lot, and we’ll definitely know the readiness of Alistair Overeem, his progression up the heavyweight rankings, and whether he possibly deserves a shot at Fedor.”

—M-1’s Vadim Finkelchtein, via MMA Junkie, apologizing for calling Alistair Overeem a “steroid bully”

There you have it everyone, Vadim apologized for accusing Overeem of taking steroids, though it seems he’s more sorry his comments were ever made public in the first place. Apparently since he never “officially” said it, he never actually meant it. I don’t know about that, but it’s not like it’s this crazy allegation that everyone else isn’t already thinking, so I’m sure we can all let it slide. Vadim also added M-1 wouldn’t require pre-fight drug testing, which directly contradicts a statement made by M-1’s Apy Echteld.

This was only half the story in the latest chapter of the Vadim Finkelstein-Bas Boon feud though. Boon made some very serious allegations in a recent forum post claiming Vadim was connected to the Russian mafia and fellow M-1 executive Apy Echteld had threatened to hire a hitman to take out a Seattle-based promoter that M-1 worked with on one of their events. Finkelchtein denies both allegations calling them “childish” and “ridiculous.” Without proof they pretty much are, so I’m not going to post the details, but if you want to read more about it, you can find Boon’s post here.

As far as the Strikeforce-M-1 mess goes, Vadim says Fedor is ready to go, they’re just waiting on Strikeforce to give them the “green light.” They aren’t asking for anything more than was originally agreed upon.

“Fedor has been ready to fight for a long time now. Fedor could have fought this past weekend. He is constantly training and constantly keeping up his form. With the level of training he’s doing, to get ready for a fight, he just needs to raise that level to a more intense training about five to six weeks out.

“The situation, as it is currently, is that we are discussing with Strikeforce getting the terms that were promised to us on the original deal prior to entering into the relationship. At this point, and for a while now, we have been officially waiting for the other side to give us a green light about going by those terms that we agreed on.”

“In terms of the financial side of things, we invested money into the project, and it was a considerably larger amount of money than Strikeforce. All we want going forward is what was promised to us. We don’t want additional co-promotion. We don’t want additional branding. We don’t want additional money. We just want what was promised to us in the negotiations prior to this relationship being entered into. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that, essentially, and nothing on top of what was promised.”

Vadim says last weekend’s ratings bomb won’t affect their negotiations with Strikeforce, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that Strikeforce needs Fedor now more than ever if they hope to continue on CBS. Time will tell if that will be enough for Strikeforce to give in to M-1’s demands. By the way, Vadim maintains they haven’t spoke to the UFC at all.