So the big Strikeforce-M-1-Fedor news this week is there is no news. M-1’s Vadim Finkelchtein did a few interviews attempting to clear up what they perceive to be misconceptions about this latest round of negotiations. I already hit on this in another post yesterday, but missed the part about how Fedor feels about the whole situation. According to Vadim, he is frustrated and just wants to fight…but it’s not their fault.

“Fedor is frustrated. He’s upset that he hasn’t been given the ability to fight,” said Finkelchstein. “Again, the (delay) to make the fight happen, hasn’t been on us. It’s been on the other side. Because of their refusal to agree on giving us what was promised in the (contract) signed, the fight hasn’t happened.”

Vadim said that includes adequate co-promotion (claims they spent more than Strikeforce on the 11/7 show), which could be rectified by putting more M-1 fighters on the co-promoted cards than just Fedor. He says they’re not looking for more money, just new language in the contract to ensure they get what they were initially promised.

And what does Strikeforce say about this? Well, not much, however their twitter account seems to indicate what they think about Vadim’s side of the story. Via WKR:

That doesn’t sound promising… Anyways, if you’re wondering what Fedor’s been up to while a bunch guys in suits haggle over his future, he’s been hanging out at M-1 events with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime