“We actually want to go right into Afghanistan and put on an event in the middle of all the [expletive]. It’s going to happen. … Anything can happen if you want it to happen bad enough…We’re working on it right now, and it’s so crazy. It’s going to be so freaky that they can’t tell us exactly when and where it’s going to be. The military is going to let us know when we can do it…(Joe) Rogan was like, ‘Oh, [expletive]; we’re going to do what?’ But I’m excited for it. I do love the troops…The question that we’re wondering is, ‘Can we shoot this thing? How do we do it?’…We’re going to chopper in there at night. It’s going to be [expletive] crazy…What we’re trying to do is fly in, set this thing up as fast as we can, put on an event, and get the [expletive] out…The question is can we get the equipment in and make it happen…You think, ‘Oh, well if they do it on the base?’ But these guys are getting attacked over there all the time. They’re getting attacked, and there’s a lot of casualties coming out of Afghanistan right now. Hopefully, we’re not one of them.”

—Dana White talking to the media about the “UFC Fight for the Troops” they’re planning to hold in Afghanistan

Whether you love him or hate him you have to admit that’s a really cool thing they’re doing for the troops. F*cking crazy, but definitely cool. Hopefully we get to see it.

Update: Okay, it might not be as crazy or dangerous as Dana White makes it sound. From Jim Genia:

…Sergeant First Class “CM” is a Green Beret who’s done a tour in Afghanistan, a tour in Iraq, returned to Iraq as a “civilian contractor” and will be returning to Afghanistan with his team later this year. His response when I asked him if Dana White and company are “going to get blowed up”: “The chances are about zero. The bases are totally secure, multiple rings of security, locals are searched completely. They’re like miniature cities. If you’re on one, it doesn’t even seem like you’re in a combat zone, what with all the Wendy’s, Pizza Huts, coffee shops, etc.” In other words, unless Zuffa’s setting up the Octagon at a forward observation base deep in Indian country, chances are everyone will be okay.