“As a matter of fact, there’s only a few guys I like to watch in mixed martial arts, to learn, and [Jake Shields is] one of them…Shields is amazing. He’s of course the guy to beat right now. He’s fighting at 185 lbs right now, and he’s dominating and beating everyone at 185, and he’s (a natural) 170 lbs fighter. He’s not only an amazing fighter, he’s an amazing jiu-jitsu fighter…As a proud champion, I want to fight the best and Jake Shields is the best right now.”

—Georges St. Pierre telling Sportsnet.ca that he wants to fight Jake Shields

Now we know who GSP wants to fight. Who’s it going to be? Josh Koscheck, Paul Daley or Jake Shields?

By the way, GSP says a potential fight with Anderson Silva had nothing at all to do with him making the trip to Abu Dhabi for UFC 112. The UFC needed star power and he was available. Even if he was brought there for that, he wasn’t going to call out Anderson Silva. He’ll get in the cage to promote a fight because Dana asks him to, but ever since he uttered his infamous “I’m not impressed with your performance” line to Matt Hughes, he says he feels too bad taking away someone’s moment of glory. What a classy guy that GSP is.

Image via Sherdog