It's gonna get worse before it gets better...

“I am no rush right now to decide what I am going to do. There are plenty of big fights out there for me, I don’t by any means want to go and try to be the 135lb champ right now. I have got my boy Joseph down there, let him run his course and see where it goes…I could go down to 135 but it would have to be the right scenario – I am not going to make a commitment right now. There are still a lot of 145 lbs fighters out there…I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I’m going to enjoy life and keep on training because that’s what I like to do. Hang out with my buddies and have a good time.”

—Urijah Faber talking to Carmichael Dave via Fighters Only about his future following his loss to Jose Aldo

Even if Urijah decides to stay at 145 for now, I think we’ll eventually see him in the bantamweight division. It’s in the WEC’s best interest for Faber to be somewhere in title contention and that’s clearly not going to happen at 145 while Jose Aldo is the featherweight champ.

At least he’s not retiring like the Sacramento Bee is calling for. Oh how I love the retirement pieces every time a major star loses.

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