DREAM Producer Keiichi Sasahara hinted late last week that they had a surprise in store for DREAM.14. It looks like that surprise is the return of the “White Cage.”

DREAM Producer Keiichi Sasahara today confirmed rumors that the promotion’s next event, to be held on May 29th at Saitama Super Arena, would be returning to the cage.

“The White Cage”, which was first used at DREAM 12, uses a tuna netting called “matrix” and is more flexible than the traditional wire cage. DREAM 14 will also return to the round structure we first saw at DREAM 12 – 3 x 5 minute rounds. For it’s ring events, DREAM currently has one 10 minute round followed by a 5 minute round.

No other rule changes were announced which means elbows to the head of a grounded opponent will still be illegal.

This does not mean DREAM will be moving to the cage permanently.

Image via Sherdog