MoneyThe CSAC has released the fighter payouts for WEC 48 “Aldo vs. Faber.” Keep in mind, these figures represent the base contracted pay the fighter receives from the promotion. These figures do not include any additional undisclosed bonuses or sponsorship money, which in many cases exceeds a fighter’s base pay. These numbers also do not account for taxes, insurance, and license fees.

So where did our $45 go? Yes it’s true, the WEC fighters did get a bump in disclosed pay for fighting on pay-per-view, however their show and win money didn’t make quite the same leap forward that the “Fight of the Night” bonuses did. For instance, Ben Henderson, Urijah Faber, Donald Cerrone and Mike Brown all received a $2,000 bump in their base salary and another $2,000 in their potential win money from their last fights. That wasn’t across the board though. Scott Jorgensen received a $2,500 bump in both, while Manny Gamburyan didn’t see an increase at all. Champ Jose Aldo enjoyed the largest jump going from $13k/$13k to $20k/$20k, however he also became the featherweight champion during that period, so that could explain why his increase was substantially higher than everyone else’s. Manny Gamburyan was the only fighter on the card to break six-figures. He earned $101,000 with his disclosed bonuses factored in.

On a side note, Dana White informed MMA Junkie that although the normal WEC crew didn’t work the event, they “took care of everybody.”


Courtesy of MMA Junkie:

  • Jose Aldo: $40,000 ($20k + $20k win bonus)
    Urijah Faber: $28,000
  • Ben Henderson: $26,000 ($13k + $13k)
    Donald Cerrone: $14,000
  • Manvel Gamburyan: $36,000 ($18k + $18k)
    Mike Brown: $21,000
  • Scott Jorgensen: $21,000 ($10.5k + $10.5k)
    Antonio Banuelos: $7,000
  • Shane Roller: $28,000 ($14k + $14k)
    Anthony Njokuani: $7,000
  • Leonard Garcia: $28,000 ($14k + $14k)
    Chan Sung Jung: $5,000
  • Anthony Pettis: $8,000 ($4k + $4k)
    Alex Karalexis: $10,000
  • Brad Pickett: $8,000 ($4k + $4k)
    Demetrious Johnson: $3,000
  • Chad Mendes: $8,500 ($4.5k + $4k)
    Anthony Morrison: $4,000
  • Takeya Mizugaki: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Rani Yahya: $9,000
  • Tyler Toner: $5,000 ($2k + $2k)
    Brandon Visher: $4,000


$65,000 bonus to each fighter.

  • KO of the night – Manny Gamburyan
  • Submission of the night – Ben Henderson
  • Fight of the night – Leonard Garcia & Chan Sung Jung

Total Payout

A disclosed total of $596,000, including all bonuses, was paid out to the fighters.