Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves 2 has been postponed again.

The rematch was rescheduled for UFC 115 after Alves was suddenly pulled at the last-minute from UFC  111 in late March for a brain abnormality discovered by pre-fight CT scans. Alves successfully underwent brain surgery shortly thereafter and expected to resume training in a matter of weeks. The only hold-up to making the fight official for UFC 115 was medical clearance, and that appears to be exactly the reason for this latest postponement to UFC 117.

The good news is there hasn’t been any sort of setbacks or complications in Alves’ recovery. As Dana White put it, they just want to make sure Thiago is “1000 percent healthy” before allowing him to return to competition. Alves is scheduled for a final round of tests later this month.

Alves’ clearance was delayed by a paperwork snafu in a visit to his New York-based neurointerventionalist last week. On Monday, he underwent an MRI scan and submitted the results to the doctor afterward.

“My MRI looks good; everything looks fine,” Alves today told via text message. “I’m cleared to spar again. I was supposed to be cleared with the MRI, but as I am a UFC fighter, they want me to do a follow-up of the same procedure just to be sure.”

Alves said he will return to the neurointerventionalist on May 25 for an angiogram (an X-ray of blood vessels), after which he expects to be cleared by NJSACB officials.

In situations like this there’s no doubt it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ensuring Thiago’s health is well worth the wait.

Image via Sherdog