It seems fairly certain that Roy Nelson is going to fight at UFC 116 on July 3. What isn’t so set is his opponent.

It was believed that Nelson would fight Cheick Kongo, but if you ask Kongo, that’s news to him. He has a back injury that may require surgery.

Cheick has sustained a back injury, that he did not wish to disclose until Wednesday, during his fight with Paul Buentello at the UFC On Versus 1 event:

“I have to be able to start my preparation – the thing I haven’t done yet. I am still injured [from the Buentello fight],” stated Kongo.

After undergoing several medical exams in the past few weeks, he’s now waiting to see whether his injury will require surgery. If this is the case, which is possible, he wouldn’t be ready to fight at UFC 116.

“I didn’t get any word from the UFC [on this matchup], I have my manager Anthony who’s working on that, and as of today I’m just actively recovering and nothing else” he concluded.

Bummer for Kongo, but that may not be a bad thing for us fans. Turns out there might be an even more intriguing opponent out there for Nelson — Frank Mir.

“I believe that is still part of the rumor mill, cause I think I‘m supposed to be fighting Frank Mir too.”

Nelson went on to jokingly say, “I think I might fight them all in the same day.”

While he believes that he is more likely to face Mir, nothing is official. That said Nelson has started formulating a game plan for both Kongo and Mir.

Great match-up if you ask me. Not that it means anything now, but Nelson did beat Mir in a grappling match back in the day, so there’s a little bit of history between them. Before you get too excited though, this is only coming from Roy Nelson. It’s hard to tell sometimes when he’s being serious and when he’s just joking around.