“Someone needs to welcome him appropriately to mixed martial arts, and show him what we’re all about. He’ll be very formidable at range, and I think anybody who faces him would be silly to stand around in front of him, and play that game. There’s so many other tools that come in play in mixed martial arts. Hopefully, he’ll have learned some of them, and we’ll have a great fight…I’m going to go out and try to set him up, use my striking effectively to set him up, run him into the fence when possible, and tie him up and smother him, and put him on his butt. It’s a lot harder for him to be an effective boxer from his butt.”

—Randy Couture talking to MMA Weekly about his gameplan for James Toney

This fight is not yet “official,” however Couture believes they’ll get it signed in the next few weeks for UFC 118 in Boston. He doesn’t care what weight they fight at. If Toney wants to come down to 205, Couture welcomes it and thinks it will be better fight because Toney will be in shape, but if Toney wants to stay a soft 230, he’s cool with that too. Either way, this fight will be over the moment Couture puts Toney on his “butt.”

Image via Sherdog