Both Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers want a shot at Fedor if they win on May 15.

“I know Fedor’s a fighter,” said Overeem. “He’s like me. He doesn’t fear who he fights. I know it’s the management. But it takes two to tango. But if his management doesn’t want to fight, that’s what happens. But I’m going to tell people what’s up if he’s not going to accept the fight.”

“My last fight against Fedor Emelianenko, I wanted it to go in a different direction,” said Rogers. “If there’s a second shot, it’s going to be going in a different direction. I definitely want that rematch with Fedor Emelianenko, and it’ll be better if I snatch this title and get a second shot.”

Wouldn’t that be something…Brett Rogers beats Alistair Overeem, becomes the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, and his first title defense is against Fedor. As Scott Coker puts it, just think of it as a “reshuffling of the deck.”

“You can assume who will win but you never know who is going to win in a fight,” said Coker. “On May 15 and June 26, we have some amazing world-class heavyweights and every time there is a matchup, you reshuffle the deck. So we’ll wait to see after June 26 the way the deck is reshuffled.”

That’s about all Coker had to say on yesterday’s conference call. That and they have Fedor for “multiple fights,” which roughly translates to multiple trips to the doctor for mind-numbing stress headaches.