A few notes from Ariel Helwani’s interview with Dana White following today’s UFC 113 pre-fight press conference:

  • There’s no beef between Dana and Machida as far as Dana is concerned
  • Dana will announce the TUF 12 coaches during tomorrow’s UFC 113 Fight Club Q&A. He wouldn’t confirm or deny the GSP-Koscheck-Daley coaching rumors.
  • Dana respects Kimbo Slice for putting in the time and work to develop into a legitimate mixed martial artist
  • Dana puts 100% of the blame for the crappy Kimbo-Alexander fight on Houston Alexander
  • Kimbo’s future is based on his performances
  • Dana was honored to even be nominated for the Time 100 list
  • Dana’s not surprised Strikeforce and M-1 Global came to terms. Says SF/Showtime have nothing else. They’ve screwed up everything they’ve done, and couldn’t afford to lose Fedor. Thinks they offered Fedor a ridiculous amount of money to stick around. They’re the typical guys who have tried to compete by throwing around “dumb money.”