If you care enough to know what actually transpired between Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson last week that resulted in Tito taking a morning trip to the Orange County jail, don’t ask Jenna because she keeps changing her story. Last week, Tito had thrown her into the bathtub. This week, he merely grabbed her arm, pushed her aside, and as a result she fell and hit herself on the edge of the tub. Obviously, there’s a high degree of variation in just how violent and malicious Tito’s actions were based on her various accounts of the incident.

That’s not all. Last week, she had a torn rotator cuff and torn ligaments in her shoulder. This week, it was a bad bruise on her elbow or a bad cut that bled a lot, or both, I’m not really sure. When it happened, she was adamant about pressing charges. Tito Ortiz was a “wife beater,” after all. Now, she never wanted Tito to go to jail in the first place. She wasn’t mad at Tito, she was mad at the cops. Her dad called 911, yet she told a different news outlet that she did. Yeah, you get the point.

We’ll probably never know whether Tito Ortiz crossed the line last week, but it doesn’t appear the incident is going to end their relationship. Tito is reportedly moving back in. And how could he not, they were “America’s couple,” after all.

Video via Us Magazine