Paul Daley presents Josh Koscheck with his UG photoshop contest winner

The rumors were true. The TUF 12 coaches will be Georges St. Pierre and the Josh Koscheck/Paul Daley winner from UFC 113. Dana White made the announcement earlier today at the UFC 113 Fight Club Q&A.

Production on TUF 12 is expected to begin in the next few weeks and will premiere on Spike TV in September, meaning Georges St. Pierre’s next title defense won’t be until December at the earliest. Lame.

Moving on, Dana White promised fans he would make it up to them when Anderson Silva laid an egg at UFC 112. He still intends to keep that promise, but he hasn’t figured out what to do yet. What he can’t do though is put Anderson Silva next title defense on free television. Anderson makes too much money.

“Everybody wanted to see, for instance, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on free TV because Anderson Silva did that,” White said. “He makes way too much money to put on free TV. You can’t do it. You’d get murdered.”

Murdered, robbed or some other similar expression was how fans felt after that fight, wasn’t it? The UFC could take a one night hit for the fans and still truck on if they really wanted to…just sayin’.

One last thing, here’s Dana White talking to press about the WEC pay-per-view.

Image via MMA Fighting