“After my loss to (Rogers), I talked to my trainers and they sort of gave me an ultimatum. They told me that I needed to look for different trainers. Now I have become more disciplined. In my fight against Rogers, I didn’t stick with my game plan. I didn’t take Rogers seriously, and he knocked me out…My manager spoke with Bob Cook and they set up a camp for me at AKA. I was very excited about that. I had a chance to train with all of the guys from AKA before I came back to Chicago. I’m very excited about what I learned. I got a lot of experience from (Jackson) and San Jose. I hope now I’m a better fighter. I hope I’m a different fighter. I can say I’m more disciplined and will stick with my game plan. No more going straight back and putting my hands down like how it was against Rogers…It’s embarrassing to say, but I worked with a sports psychologist (after the Rogers loss) and changed a lot of things in my life. Now I’m just focusing on my MMA career, training hard, eating and sleeping. I’m just focused on my MMA career. My mind was on pro boxing when I fought Rogers, but now my focus is on MMA.”

— Andrei Arlovski talking to the media about the changes he’s made in hopes of redeeming his career

It’s no secret Andrei Arlovski has hit a bit of a rough patch in the past year or so. A grave mistake may have cost him a win against Fedor Emelianenko and a lack of focus (and chin) ended his night early against Brett Rogers. In this sport though, fighters are always one impressive win away from being back in contention. Antonio Silva is no walk in the park. If Arlovski manages to shut him down in impressive fashion, he’ll be right back in the mix in Strikeforce’s heavyweight division.

Audio of the conference call via Cagewriter:

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime