Now that the dust has settled and reality has set in for Paul Daley that he got himself kicked out of the UFC, he’s wasting little time in mapping out his future. In fact, he already has a fight lined up in Australia for July 3. After that, he hopes to participate in a grand prix overseas and even box.

“That’s it. All over. I got my walking papers this morning and I am glad that things are now official. It’s a shame things went the way they did, but on the brighter side of things it opens up a lot more doors for me…I am fighting on a pay-per-view show in Australia on July 3 with a lot of other big names, and I have other offers in the pipeline…My plan is to string a couple of fights together before the end of the summer and hopefully get on one of the grand prix shows. We’re currently talking to both Dream and Sengoku about getting a slot on their shows and there are some really good fighters there I can match-up with…Boxing is still an option. One of my training partners is Rendall Munroe and his trainer is currently speaking to (boxing promoter) Frank Maloney on my behalf. I want to do both, fight MMA and get my boxing up to speed, but I want to do them concurrently…Where to start? K.J. Noons, Nick Diaz, Jay Hieron, Joe Riggs…”

Daley will have to serve whatever suspension the Quebec athletic commission hands down to him before he can fight in North America again so we won’t see him in Strikeforce anytime soon. It sounds like he’ll be keeping himself busy in the meantime, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the commission tries to put the kibosh on Daley going overseas much like California tried with Antonio Silva. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Daley says screw you and fights overseas anyways just like Silva did.

However it plays out though, Daley will land on his feet. There will always be a show for him to fight in. He just won’t be able to compete on the sport’s biggest stage and prove where he belongs in the welterweight rankings if he can’t make amends with Dana White. It’s a huge hit to his career, but it doesn’t mean it’s over.

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Update: Dana White hasn’t had a change of heart even though he likes Daley and doesn’t get along with Koscheck. Here’s what he had to say about banning Daley on Tuesday.

“I’m no Josh Koscheck fan. Personally, I think he’s [expletive]. We actually don’t get along very well… I like Paul Daley a lot, but what he did was inexcusable. He walked over to Koscheck and Koscheck could have thought he was coming over to shake hands or congratulate him and he took a cheap shot at him like that. If you throw a sucker punch like that after a fight in the UFC, I don’t care who you are, you’re done. He’ll never fight for us again.”

Many people have pointed out that Dana didn’t reprimand Nate Diaz nor did he lose interest in Jake Shields for their involvement in the CBS brawl a few weeks ago. Dana says that situation was completely different.

“Mayhem got into the cage when he didn’t belong inside there,” White said. “He didn’t belong in the interview, but he forced his way into Shields’ interview and he started a fight. When you start a fight next to the Diaz brothers [Nathan’s older brother, Nick, was also involved], what do you think is going to happen, particularly if you start a fight with someone from their crew?

“I cut Nick Diaz after he was fighting [Joe Riggs in an emergency room] at the hospital [in Las Vegas following a Feb. 4, 2006, fight]. People are sick and dying and you can’t be in the hospital fighting. I cut the guy even though I know he’s a very good fighter. But the thing with Jake Shields happened because someone wasn’t in control of the cage and let Mayhem in where he didn’t belong. That caused everything else.”

Update 2: By the way, as Jonathan Snowden reminds us, Dana White didn’t cut Nick Diaz after the Joe Riggs incident. Nick fought two months later at UFC 59 against Sean Sherk. He was released after that fight for losing three in a row. Nick Diaz’s fight finder for anyone skeptical.