The Broward County Circuit Court has sided with Don King in his mission to derail Shine Fights 3’s main event. According to’s Josh Gross, judge Marc C. Gold granted King’s promotional company an injunction, putting the brakes on tonight’s scheduled Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas fight.

Broward Country Circuit Court Judge Marc C. Gold ruled in favor of Don King Productions, granting injunctive relief at 1:20 p.m. ET.

However, Shine Fights, who reportedly had no back-up plan in case they lost, apparently doesn’t give a damn what the court says, because they’re moving forward with the fight despite just being told by a judge they can’t.

This probably goes without saying, but choosing to ignore an injunction doesn’t come without consequences. From Wikipedia:

The party that fails to adhere to the injunction faces civil or criminal penalties and may have to pay damages or accept sanctions for failing to follow the court’s order. In some cases, breaches of injunctions are considered serious criminal offenses that merit arrest and possible prison sentences.

Judge Gold has already warned there will be serious consequences if they disobey his ruling. I understand they’ve invested a lot into this fight, but I’m not sure moving forward is the wisest move. Either someone has more money than brains, Shine’s lawyers are really confident they can weasel their way out of it after the fact, or they’re in panic mode buying time to figure out if there’s anything they can do in the eleventh hour to legally save their main event. I’ll let you know if they change their minds.

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Update: Shine Fights has come to their senses. They have pulled Ricardo Mayorga off tonight’s card which unfortunately means Din Thomas won’t get to fight and we won’t get to see it. Ninja Rua vs. David Heath is the new headliner. This doesn’t mean Don King Productions is going to forgive and forget though. Following today’s ruling DKP’s attorney, Anthony Brito, stated they would pursue further legal action against Mayorga and Shine Fights whether Mayorga fought tonight or not.

“We’re going to be essentially prosecuting the claim of breach of contract by Mr. Mayorga and the claim of interference with that contract by Shine Fights. We’ll need to pursue those claims going forward as we would in other case.”

Update 2: The North Carolina athletic commission has canceled Shine Fights “Worlds Collide” altogether.

Update 3: MMA Junkie has a lengthy interview with Shine Fights CEO Devin Price about the show’s cancellation earlier tonight. In short, he’s not sure why it was canceled, he wasn’t even there because he was in court in Florida all day, but he’s going to find out, the fighters will be “taken care of,” and they will move forward with another show sometime this summer.