It wasn’t the best night for Andrei Arlovski and Brett Rogers last Saturday in St. Louis.

Andrei Arlovski proved he has a chin, but still dropped his third fight in a row. Other than hard work, Andrei’s not sure what the answer is, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to call it quits.

“I feel kind of upset because I put down my trainers. We had a great camp. I don’t know, after 11 months (out of action) it’s kind of hard to come back, but I think I did okay. I took his couple of shots on my chin. I guess I showed the fans my chin’s not weak. It was a tough fight. He’s tough…It just wasn’t my night…Right now I’m focused on my MMA career because when I took the fight on short notice against Brett Rogers my mind was focused on my pro boxing and as a result he knocked my ass out in less than 20 seconds. Of course I wanted to box, but in MMA I have three losses in a row. I’m 15-8 right now and it’s horrible. I just have to train I guess even harder and try to fight even harder…I feel great. I could fight maybe tomorrow. It’s up to Scott Coker. I want to fight, fight, fight.”

Brett Rogers also wants to get back in the cage as soon as possible, however it might not be in Strikeforce. Rogers’ manager says they have options overseas they want to explore too.

“He didn’t take any damage in this fight tonight except for to the heart,” Rogers’ coach, Mike Reilly, said shortly after the bout on the Sherdog Radio Network’s Beatdown After the Bell. “When that heals, it’s always healed a lot harder. He’ll just be that much more fierce.”

“There are some opportunities out of the country and in some different areas, and we’re going to explore those,” Reilly said. “Again, we’re going to work very closely with (Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker) and with Strikeforce and work with that organization as far as where we go next, but like I said, we want to get back on the horse right away.”

“I think the expectations for (Rogers) are super high, and they’re correct to be that way,” Reilly said. “He came in here to compete for a world title. He came up short, but he was up against somebody who has 50 fights. When (Rogers) has 50 fights under him, it will go the other way.”

Strikeforce is thinking about booking a Rogers-Arlovski rematch next, but maybe they ought to let these guys take a fight or two overseas first to rebuild their confidence before pitting them against each other ensuring one of them takes another loss.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime