“I want to fight over six years, at least until I hit forty. This change of class was good, I had to re-educate myself on the food and I’m feeling pretty good about it…Akiyama is a pretty tough guy, a good guy… good on the ground, a big strong guy… It will be a very interesting fight, is a great fight for me because he’s a guy who comes forward to play the game , not a guy who runs. I believe it will be a very busy fight, a great show.”

— Wanderlei Silva telling Tatame, tranlsated via Fighters Only, he wants to fight into his forties.

Six more years of The Axe Murderer? I won’t complain, but please don’t pull a Ken Shamrock on us, Wand, and fight long after you should. That would be heartbreaking.

Wanderlei Silva faces Yoshihiro Akiyama on his 34th birthday, July 3, at UFC 116.

Image via Sherdog