“You can’t go in thinking about that. It’s pointless. If he’s not the best Rampage ever, that will make our strategy that much better. If he’s Rampage as usual, then it’ll be business as usual. As soon as you can go in there and say, ‘Oh, Rampage had a year off,’ you get yourself in trouble. I think we’re going to run into the best Rampage we’ve ever seen and I hope that’s the case, because we have the best Rashad anyone has ever seen…We want to make sure that we’ve addressed all of the contingencies that can happen. Rampage is a powerful striker. He’s a pretty good wrestler. He’s a savvy veteran who knows when to relax a bit and then come right back. I have a lot of respect for him. However, I’m pretty confident in Rashad’s kickboxing ability. Rampage is an excellent boxer, it’s true, but Rashad is good as well and I’m always going to bet on my guy.”

—Greg Jackson on Sherdog Radio addressing why Rampage Jackson’s one-year layoff hasn’t affected Rashad Evan’s preparation

How prepared is Rampage Jackson for this fight? That seems to be the big question heading into this fight. If you ask Rampage and his camp, he’s never been in better shape. He’s never trained this hard for a fight. He’s never been so motivated in camp. The images coming out of  his final training sessions seem to support that but we won’t know for sure until that cage door closes Saturday night and Rampage and Rashad go at it. I’ve said all along I was picking Rashad because I didn’t think Rampage would come in firing on all cylinders. Now I’m not so sure.