We’ve been hacked again. Sorry guys, but I’ll be spending the next day or two rectifying it (hopefully no longer than that), so no more posts until it’s done. In the meantime, I’ll post story and video links to our twitter feed so you can stay up to date on the latest news.

Update: When it rains, it pours. Soon after I started working on restoring the site, my computer completely crashed, like won’t boot Windows crashed. Thought I lost everything including clean versions of site and backups…at best, a major setback, at worst, catastrophic. To make a long story short, before I threw it out the window and set it on fire, I took it to the Geek Squad and they believe they can save it. I hope to have my computer back up sometime today or tomorrow. After that, I’ll start working on fixing the site again. I really hope to have everything back to normal in time for UFC 114, but a lot can go wrong, so I can’t make any promises.

Sorry guys, doing my best…

Update 2: Currently working on getting computer back up. Good news is they were able to put all the site files and backups on an external hard drive so all is not lost. If all goes well today, I’ll be able to start working on site tomorrow.

By the way, I’m still posting story links on the twitter feed in the meantime. Nothing too major has happened. Tito is having neck surgery, Chuck was pissed, thinks Tito knew all along he couldn’t fight. Bobby Lashley is out of SF: LA with knee injury. Thiago Alves has been cleared by his doctors to fight. Forrest Griffin had shoulder surgery, Sept. return at earliest. Dana White apparently killed it with his speech at the CEO Summit in Seattle. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said it “fired him up,” in a good way. Some of the execs from the Summit are even attending UFC 114. Links and more on Twitter.

Update 3: Good news is my computer is coming back to life (and running like a champ I might add). Bad news is I’ve had to install a million updates along with all the programs and it is taking FOREVER. FU Microsoft and your never ending updates. I need an Apple.

I’m gonna be straight with you guys. Having the site 100% restored probably isn’t going to happen in time for UFC 114. What I’ll do though is break for the fights tomorrow night and at least do a results post. I had planned doing a live chat for UFC 114, but the only suitable chat software I found (what we used for UFC 113 was a moderation nightmare, not using it again) needs to be installed on the server and properly set up, which I don’t have time for right now. Sorry, but we’ll have to try it again at UFC 115.

Quick news update: UFC 114 weigh-ins coming up at 7PM ET. It’s looking like Tennessee is going to give the CBS brawlers a 3 month suspension and $5k fine if they don’t fight it. Nick Diaz said all kind of crazy stuff (imagine that) in his DREAM.14 pre-fight interview like he’s #1 P4P, his UFC losses would have been wins in Japan, the cage sucks, the ring rules, etc.DREAM.14 is tonight at 3AM ET on HDNet by the way. Jared Hess really jacked up his knee at Bellator 20 last night. UFC 114 is sold out, Dana’s mad scientists are predicting 850,000 buys. King Mo was hanging out with team Blackhouse at the UFC 114 open workouts, giving Lyoto Machida wrestling tips. Alan Belcher vs. Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 22. Rampage’s strength and conditioning coach, Mike Dolce, did all the conditioning work right alongside Rampage. Vadim Finkelchtein wants to know why everyone makes M-1 out to be the bad guy. Chuck Liddell’s lifesize wax figurine is kinda creepy. Story links and more on Twitter.

By the way, I’m officially changing my pick to Rampage for no good reason. Who’s with me???

Update 4: My computer is just about nursed back to full health. I plan on digging into the site here shortly, but I’m going to break for UFC 114. I’ll do a results post tonight and may do a post-fight news post tomorrow. It depends on how much I determine needs to be done to restore the site. At this point, my goal is to relaunch tomorrow night.