So I dug into the site last night before UFC 114 and came to the conclusion that fixing the site will not be as simple as restoring it with a clean backup. Unfortunately, I can’t determine when the site was actually breached so I don’t know what point to restore it to. Therefore, the site’s existing files and database need to be cleaned, which is way over my head. I’ve found a company to help me with it, but the bad news is they have to shut the site down while they work on it. Without digging into it, they can’t tell me how long it will take, so it could be a day or five, I don’t know. The plan at the moment is to take the site down either late tonight or early tomorrow (Monday) morning. A maintenance notice will be posted while it’s down. In the meantime, I’ll continue to post story links and keep you updated on the site’s restoration progress on Twitter.

Thanks again for all your support. It’d be a lot tougher to work through this without it.