A few quick UFC 114 post-fight news and notes…

— In the above interview with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, Dana White confirms Rashad Evans will fight Shogun Rua for the UFC light heavyweight title.

— It seems Rampage Jackson is coming to a fork in the road: fighting or acting? It took the loss to make him realize what everyone else already knew. You can’t be an elite-level fighter and a movie star at the same time. Rampage says he “kind of regrets” doing the movie and Fox “kind of threatened to sue” him if he lost to Evans.

“I focused really hard and I trained really hard on this fight, but me having this damn movie and everything — I kind of almost regret doing the damn movie now,” said Jackson. “There was so much pressure. (20th Century) Fox kind of threatened to sue me if I lost and everything because they didn’t know I was fighting.”

“I’m a fighter, but I tried to go into a whole new adventure and didn’t even know anything about tours and stuff in a movie. I had no idea I had to do this,” said Jackson. “I was just focusing on this fight and I wasn’t even worrying about (the other movie offers). I got to make a decision because it looks like it would be hard to do both if you’re gonna take time off and fight guys accountable here in the UFC…I’ve just got to think about which one I want to do.”

Will Rampage even have a choice though with an A-Team sequel? I could be wrong, and I’m no expert on Hollywood contracts, but it seems if Fox wants to make an A-Team sequel, Rampage will have to do it. Actors usually have to commit to sequels to movies like this up front, do they not?

Michael Bisping wants a rematch with Wanderlei Silva, and believes he’s coming into his own as a mixed martial artist.

Dana White thinks Jason Brilz beat Lil’ Nog on the scorecards, but should have taken the opportunity to finish Nogueira off when he had him stunned at the end of the second round. FightMetric agreed with Dana for the most part. Their scoring system had Brilz winning, but scored it as a draw in the 10-point must system. Speaking of Fightmetric, they gave the final Rampage-Rashad round to Rashad, which I still think is ridiculous. Maybe I need to watch that round again.

Dana White was extremely impressed with John Hathaway, but not so much with Diego Sanchez’s return to welterweight. He thinks Diego needs to move back to 155 and work his way back up the ladder like Kenny Florian has since his loss to BJ Penn. Can’t say I disagree. Diego looked awful last night.

Ricardo Arona met with Dana White to discuss fighting for the UFC. Arona doesn’t care who he fights, he just really, really wants a shot in the UFC.