So we may be back, not sure yet. We moved to a more secure server, but there are page load time issues if you haven’t noticed. We’re working on it, but if it’s not something that can be addressed, the site will be moved back to the old server. I’ll make an announcement when everything is finally ready to go, but it may not be over. Really sorry guys, I’m trying. In the meantime, here’s today’s news…

– Dana White really stirred up the hornet’s nest yesterday with his latest “Danabomb” as WKR aptly dubbed his various pearls of wisdom. Almost every single significant MMA blog/website was talking about it today. Basically, no one knows (or is willing to say) who’s letting money influence their rankings, so everyone’s calling bullshit. Robert Joyner, formerly of MMAPayout, took it one step further and said, hey Dana, look who’s calling the kettle black.

-Who’s putting media outlets on their cage signage? The UFC placed ads for USAToday on the Octagon at UFC 100.

-Who’s putting MMA media sites in their video games? Check out MMA Fanhouse as a sponsor available in the new UFC Undisputed 2010

-Who’s hiring out MMA Fanhouse talent for some of their shows and websites? Oh yeah, the UFC. Mike Chiappetta has hosted the last couple of seasons of the TUF aftershow podcast in addition to writing for UFC Magazine. Ariel Helwani hosted the UFC weigh-in pre-show on the other day and blogs for Zuffa television partner Versus. Are those relationships coming to the fore when said writers pen items that are out and out defensive of Zuffa product, like this piece on UFC 108 or the legendary Ariel on CroCop rant after his near exit from the UFC?

-Who’s partnering with to sell UFC pay-per-views? Yep, that would be the UFC.

-Who uses their credentialing process to shade coverage of their company? One of the few people in the business that will ask Dana White tough questions, Josh Gross, can’t get credentialed. Sherdog fluctuates between the penthouse and the outhouse when it comes to UFC access. Even lapdogs like Steve Cofield get threatened over access if they ask tough questions, like when Cofield questioned Dana about his fighters like Drew Fickett getting DWI’s at the Bud Light press conference. The blunt instrument of access is is used to cow the media coverage, so you end up with journalism from the likes of the Steve Marrocco’s of the world.

That list doesn’t even include the UFC paying Scott Ferrall and others for coverage back when no one gave a damn about them.

– James Toney has officially lost his damn mind. Check out how he plans to beat Randy Couture.

“They are going to be shocked. People think that I’m just sitting around doing nothing. Okay, we will see. The thing is, I am a legendary fighter. Fighter is the key word because that’s what I am, a fighter…I’m taking this serious man. This is what we do. I’m not playing in there man. Those 4 oz. gloves are feeling good too…I’m going to choke Randy Couture out! Watch what I’m telling you! I’m going to shock a whole lot of people in this fight.”

Krazy Horse is off the Strikeforce “Los Angeles” card for unknown reasons. KJ Noons will fight Conor Heun instead.

Cung Le vs. Scott Smith II is now official for Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Werdum” on June 26. Josh Thomson vs. Pat Healy was also added to the card.

The UFC has penciled in UFC 119 for Sept. 25 in Indianapolis. Matt Mitrione is expected to face Joey Beltran on the card.

Chael Sonnen says the light heavyweight division is a “joke” which once had a “karate guy” as its champion.

Spike TV confirms they will air a prelim special for UFC 116. Kendall Grove vs Goran Reljic, Brendan Schaub vs. Chris Tuschscherer are scheduled.

– The DREAM team got ballsy and put images of Japan attacking Pearl Harbor in DREAM.14’s opening ceremony to play up some contrived war between American MMA and Japanese MMA that only they seem to care about or even acknowledge.

Kenny Florian will join Todd Harris at the broadcast table at WEC 49.

Pat Barry talks about fighting his idol Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 115. Someone is getting knocked out and Barry can’t guarantee it won’t be him.

Here’s the real code to unlock Shaq on the Xbox in UFC Undisputed 2010 (if you’re still looking for it).