So last night was the night when Tito Ortiz left TUF 11.

We already know why Tito had to pull out of the Chuck Liddell fight, and that Rich Franklin was his replacement, but we didn’t know how it was all gonna go down on the show. Well, it turns out Dana White brought him into his office and relieved him of his coaching duties, presumably to at least get in a little build-up for a Liddell vs. Franklin main event at UFC 115. Previews showed Forrest Griffin, Gray Maynard, and Tyson Griffin coming in to give Franklin a hand, but it doesn’t sound like he chose them. Oh, and Chuck was pissed.

That was last night. Today, things aren’t too well for Tito either. The humorous gif seen above of Tito avoiding Chuck like the plague is flying around the internet. Then another Twitter controversy arose today when Jamie Yager, one of TUF 11 contestants, called Tito out (and by calling him out, I mean calling him a “pussy” and a “fagboy”) on his (supposed) Twitter account for calling him a coward in last night’s episode. Or did he? Yager says he didn’t, but some think he and his management may be doing damage control. Yager’s real Twitter account is @jamieyager or so he says. I don’t know (nor care), but if there’s any fighters reading this, do yourself a favor and pretend that little 140 character message box is a microphone at a crowded press conference. If you wouldn’t say it in front of a crowd, don’t say it Twitter. The same people watching the press conference are reading your Twitter feed.

So that’s that, the Tito mystery is officially solved, and now it’s time to get psyched for Liddell-Franklin in a week and a half…if you can. Chuck is.