MiddleEasy dropped a bomb last night with a report suggesting Fedor Emelianenko is running for political office in Russia and plans to retire once he fulfills the two remaining fights on his Strikeforce contract. I trust Zeus over at MiddleEasy wouldn’t run with something like this without good reason, but still, whenever a story involves Fedor or retirement I become instantly skeptical.

Well, it turns out the part about Fedor running for office is in fact true, but according to M-1’s Evgeni Kogan, the retirement rumors are completely unfounded.

The Middle Easy item also mentions a rumor that Emelianenko plans to retire after his Strikeforce deal runs out, but there is “no truth whatsoever” to that notion, according to Evgeni Kogan, M-1’s director of global operations.

“He may run (for political office), that is true,” Kogan said in an e-mail to USA TODAY. “But there is no truth to the retirement rumors.”

In another report, Kogan added, “He will easily be able to do both. There has never been talk of one replacing the other.”

Here’s my thing with retirement stories and why I don’t get worked up over them. In the years that I’ve been following this sport, plenty of fighters have talked about retirement and some have even laid out a timeline, but not one has actually followed through with it. You know when 52-yr old Dan Severn fought last? Six weeks ago. Yeah, even he’s still fighting on a regular basis.

Maybe Fedor will be the rare exception, but I won’t believe until I see it, and even then I’ll just be waiting for him to come back out of retirement for one more fight. For better or worse, there’s always one more fight.

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